Bed Cover – BakFlip


The BAKFlip is custom built to fit your bed like a glove! Best of all, this model is built to fit inside your truck bed, giving you unmatched style. This hard folding tonneau cover easily clamps on with no drilling and provides outstanding security against rain, snow, theft, dirt and sun.


Product Description

Built with aircraft grade aluminum sandwich panels, the BAKFlip is relatively light, yet offers heavy duty durability. It operates very easily from either side of the truck, gives you full access to your bed and provides unparalleled style. If you’re looking for a tonneau cover that works well and looks fantastic on your truck, this bed cover is it!

BAKFlip’s unique “no profile” design ensures lower coefficient wind drag resulting in better fuel economy. It also renders a very clean aesthetically rich look and allows 100% access to stake pockets for use with tie downs and bed rails.

  • Integrated prop rods pivot and lock in place to allow driving with the BakFlip completely open
  • Conveniently located D-rings can be used as tie downs to secure your panels in incremental positions
  • Rugged aluminum clamps secure the BakFlip rails to the bed with no drilling. They cannot rust and have a unique slip-proof design to ensure a snug seal and perfect grip
  • BakFlip’s superior locking design relies on OEM locks rather than aftermarket locks. This means no additional key as well as no exposure of keyholes to the elements


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