Bed Cover – Undercover (Tri-color White Diamond)


These Undercover tonneau covers are painted to match the factory color of your truck. They provide a secure, full-perimter, weather-tight seal that protects your valuables from the elements. the covers lift smoothly and close easily with their strong nylon pull strap, which is fantastic for taller trucks!


Product Description

Undercover tonneau covers completely concealed hinge provides a tighter fit for your bed and a quick, no-tools-needed removal. A single, easy-to-operate, low-profile twist lock int he center of the covers operates the latches on both sides of the truck bed. This inventive design offers the same level of security with a more streamlined look! UnderCover tonneau covers include wall mount hardware to keep your cover off the ground, and your garage clutter-free when not in use.


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